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I'm one of "those" girls. Yes, the kind that can't have an orgasm by intercourse alone. I HAVE to have constant and direct clitoral stimulation in order to cum...and how long it takes, or what it takes depends on many factors. To be honest, while I've had many by myself, including multiple ones, I've only had one with someone else. Yes, that's right--only one man made me cum. And it wasn't during during intercourse or even oral stimulation...kinda sad I guess.

And sadly most of the recent fuckbuddies I've been with have really only been about their own pleasure. A few have tried at least--more so than the rest, but it never seems to fail that they really don't give it enough effort and their idea of "dominating" me is them making me give them a blow job. Great. I can suck you off and you can make me swallow too--but what about my tits? What about my pussy? Don't I get anything out of it--not even one little slap? There it is, begging for some attention...

Many men have stated that they are all about their partners pleasure before their own, but the only ones I've encountered have not lived up to their end of the bargain, except one--and he moved out of state. I suppose I'm not really relationship material. I've been in many, but mostly short term ones...I just prefer fuckbuddies I guess. It's less complicated that way. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to find Mr. Right, but until I find the ONE who knows what he's doing, and truly loves me---I"m not about to get deeply involved.

So the search for the Orgasm King continues...LOL!

Uh oh, horny now--gotta go...

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Hey there...to anyone reading this anyway. I'm new to Livejournal, and so this is my first blog. I think I will mainly use this for posting pix, but once in a while I'll probably talk about my adventures as well. But for now here's a first pic! If you like what you see, add me as a friend cuz I don't have any yet. :(

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